Trouble patient

by Joy Peters on July 27, 2017

Ok first and foremost, Dr. Fathi and his staff are absolutely phenomenal!!  They are affectionate and caring people who really really care about your health and well-being. I was a trouble patient because my body would not heal completely.  Then soon I would have another hernia because I was already draining from the previous hernia.  So the very same day I met Dr. Fathi after being referred to him from my previous hernia Dr. who was awesome but my inability to heal was a bit beyond her capabilities or she was afraid of not being able to help me.  I was sad because I loved her and trusted her and was a little cautious and down right scared to try another Dr. who claims he can help me.

Well right from the very first day and consultation he said he was going to be able to help me and went out to the front office and scheduled my surgery for the very next week.  He felt very confident and welcomed me into his family.  He explained to me how he was going to repair my hernia and place surgical mesh from side to side and from top to bottom to keep from anymore hernias from forming.

Well the surgery went really really well but had to leave my incision area open to drain through the mesh for several months, but that was due to how much infection was actually in my body from having such repetitive hernias that weren’t healing.  I continued to see him for follow-ups weekly until he felt I was past the stage that I would continue to heal.

I actually ended up seeing him about 8 months to make sure that there is no problem and that there was no drainage.  As of today, which is 14 months later after my surgery, I have to say I am healed and no drainage or problems.  And I know that If I do have something happen or any problems arise, that they will absolutely move me to the top of the list and get me in right away.

Thank GOD for Dr. Fathi and his AWESOME staff!!

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  1. Lauren N | July 28, 2017
    Thank you Joy for your willingness to share your story, and for entrusting the staff at USSA and Dr. Fathi with your care.