My journey with Pancreatic Cancer

by Georgina on July 29, 2017

get to me. My husband spend many nights sleeping along as I would sleep sitting up on our couch as I waited for the pain to leave.

Then last August I meet a nurse who convinced me to not give up, through a series of meeting more Drs. Ultra sounds, CT scans and MRI’s, a Dr. by the name of Higa finally found what was wrong with me. A mass in my pancreas. He said it was the beginning of cancer and that he could not do anything for me and at them moment called Dr. Fathi and referred me to him.

My very first visit with Dr. Fathi I knew he was the right Dr. and he understood what I had been living. Without telling him my symptoms (which by the way included 2 yrs of constant diarrhea) Dr. Fathi told me what I was living!! He knew!! Finally someone really knew what I was living!!! I was so happy and excited that I wanted to cry, I think my husband wanted to cry.

He said I know whats wrong with and I’m going fix you. He explained what the mass had done to my pancreas and that my pancreas was damaged beyond healing, there was only 20 % of pancreas left and he and his staff Robin and Kelsey were surprised I was not diabetic.

So we set a date for surgery, I was happy that they had found what was wrong with me but at the same time I was terrified because up until then I didn’t know a person could live without their pancreas and I had always heard pancreatic cancer was one of the most deadly of cancer since it was always found to late.

I was lucky to be stage 1 pancreatic cancer, till this day I have people tell me that including all the Drs. and hospital where I had my surgery.

I mad the decision early on that I was going to be positive and be the best patient I could for Dr. Fathi and his staff. I made the decision that I was going to get back on feet as soon as my body would let me, I wasn’t going to feel sorry for myself, I wasn’t going to feel like some kind of victim….well easier said than done. My first weekend home I had a melt down the first time I had to give myself insulin (yes when they remove your pancreas you become a type 1 diabetic). I cried so much telling my husband that I didn’t want to be like this.. this isn’t me!! I went from sad to angry all in a brief moment…I was struggling to eat as my stomach was still healing and I couldn’t eat a lot of food just a couple a bits here and there. I was weak and just the simple thing like taking a shower exhausted me, I’d literally had to take a nap after a shower. I could barely take a deep breath. In my mind I wanted to be up and moving around and doing thing, normal things, but I couldn’t. But I kept pushing through. After my 3 weeks visit with Dr. Fathi he gave me the green light to go back to work. So I did, well from home on m laptop, but it was the beginning to my road to a full recovery. I rode my bike 3 weeks after surgery, just around the apartment complex, but I did it. By my 4th week I started going into the office a few days out of the week for a few hours. I gradually worked my way up to working a full 40. Then… Chemo started…and at first, the first few sessions, I was ok, going back to work after my session. Then as the months went by it hit me harder  and I couldn’t go back to work after a session, I’d come straight home and sleep until the next morning. I was back down to work 30 hours or so. But I didn’t let that get me down. I’m pushing hard and I’m almost done with chemo.

My life has changed so much, but I’m greatful for everything, I’m here making memories, living, laughing, spreading the miracle of me…the great blessing from God to guide me to Dr. Fathi. He is and  will always be a special part of my life, my road to healing. His humbleness and great confidence makes him a very special Dr. and person.

If I can help even just one person, I’ll feel like I have made a difference in this world.

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