My life with my husband with Colon Cancer ( Corrections to the previous text)

by Lenny on April 2, 2018

I am Lenys Gonzalez-Valles and I would like to share our story after my loving husband Mario  was diagnosis with colon cancer.

He was diagnosis on September 2012 after colonoscopy procedure in Endoscopy Department of Fresno Community Regional Medical Center. The Gastroenterologist told me about a big tumor found in the left side of the colon. The first biopsy was negative, and the Dr. recommended another colonoscopy and new biopsy sample two weeks after that. These schedule colonoscopy never be performed because my husband had a intestinal block and had emergency surgery by Dr. John Bilello and Dr. Naidi Salaverry, they save my husband life. 

The biopsy results showed a Colon Adenocarcinoma Stage III, T4, N2, M0, we were devastated. There was a need to have a colostomy that he kept up for 18 months. Received the first 12 cycles of chemotherapy on early 2013.

I was feeling so sad and lost. My husband never give up and told me about he never let depression take over him. He was always optimistic, and full of faith and hope, that he will come through this. I learn from him to never give up and that kept me going.  Now we have a wonderful life together, blessing and enjoying life day by day.

The second surgery on September 2014 for reverse colostomy without complications, the oncologist told us that Mario was cancer free. In March 2015 the cancer comes back in one lymphoid node located in a very difficult area of the abdomen. Dr. Bilello commented that his team couldn’t perform the type of surgery that Mario required to remove the nodule, so he referred Mario to Dr. Amir Fathi and his team, Oncologist Surgeon specialist in HIPEC Surgery .

Dr. Fathi gave us a lot of confidence and hope. We decided to start the process to get the new technique called HIPEC Surgery and another twelve chemotherapy cycles. We have a light of hope. The surgery was performed on April 2016, since then Mario is being cancer free for 18 months.

We like to give thanks to Dr. Fathi, Robin Munoz, Cynthia Burton, Dr. Haifa Abduhaq, Dr. Uzair Chaudhary, and the whole staff of the Fresno Community Regional Medical Center for saving my husband life and keeping his quality of a new life.

God bless and thanks.

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